Monday, April 26, 2010

Life scripts

So I was thinking about the scripts that we write for ourselves.
A friend said to me, just today, that we write our own scripts for our lives and live it regardless of what reality is.
It got me thinking, what script have I written for my life?
Life is a gift and every day holds many gifts, if only we are willing to see them!! I believe that life is for living, I take risks and sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't, but there is ALWAYS something good to take from every situation.
Just recently a "bump" in my life tested my resolve, tested my life script...and yes, I really AM that person...I REALLY DO believe every cloud has a silver lining. I am of course blessed to have MANY good friends...even ones I didn't know were watching...are in fact paying attention and loving me through one of life's knocks.
I believe our friends reflect who we really are...and my friends are amazing!!! I can't think of one who I don't value right now.
So back to do we come to write them? Is it our experiences only that shape it or do we add things from what we see around us?
I believe that my script is one that was written for me. I am really grateful for the script I have. I KNOW why I am here on earth and I feel valued and loved. Life is good and full of beauty and should be appreciated for the wonderful gift it is.
My script is partly written from my experiences, partly from what I have read and partly from people I have met...but script is mine...I take full responsibility for what it says in it...and I am and WILL continue to make sure that my script reflects what I believe is my purpose here on earth...for good teach, to love and to share the beauty of life with EVERYONE I meet.
So I leave you with this thought...what is YOUR script that you have written for yourself? What are the stories YOU tell yourself? Do they reflect the person you believe you are meant to be?
I have had the most incredible gift of having stupendously fab people around me, who support who I am and what I am here on earth to do.
Live an extraordinary life...THAT is my mantra...go really...go on...LIVE it!!! :-)


  1. Beautifully written...your heart is as beautiful as your smile. Full of love, innocence and truth. I am glad that you are unwavering in your belief in yourself and your purpose. : )

  2. Love inspire ME to keep on KEEPIN' ON. Thanks, Siren!

  3. Ah thanks ladies....appreciate it...please share this blog with all and sundry, I need as much feedback as poss!!!