Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inner voice

I have long been a believer in listenign to one's inner voice, gut instinct, conscience or whatever you may call it.

Too many times to mention, I have been made aware of impending situations long before they have happened. It is a "feeling", a sense of knowing something, outside of any real situation having arisen.

These experiences have ranged from: being aware of my nieces birth before being told my sister was in labour (I experienced "labour" pains...and that has carried over to all my nephew and nieces births in fact). It has also been things like, thoughts coming into my head randomly or from somehing I have read and then out of the blue it becomes reality. Such as an experience I had just the other evening. I had been looking on my banks website whether they mentioned anything about the delays to passengers abroad during the volcanic disruptions. It was not a conscious thought, just a random one I decided to look for while I was checking out my finances. Later that day, a friend of mine wrote that she had received information from her bank that they were willing to compensate her for some of her costs, while in a similar situation to what I am in. As I was replying to her and asking how she had found out about it, I received a message from my bank offering their support and giving a number to call.

Freaky coincidence??? Law of attraction? Well whatever you call it, I love that our minds can pick up thinsg that are not yet on the conscious plane.

Now I have done a lot of reading on deja vu, understanding dreams and have listened to MANY stories about people who have gotten out of extreme situations merely by listening to their inner voices to do something.

I have learnt that the power of thought is strong. In many cases I have read, it has changed reality. Recently I watched a documentary detailing how men with chronic old age symptoms (arthritus, etc), had taken part in an experiement, where they were required to go to live in a home, which would bring back memories of their experiences earlier in life. ThHe whole accommodation and way they were treated was in keeping with how they would have been treated in their twenties and thirties. Remarkably, ALL these men made miraculous medical, IQ and attitude improvements. For me, this only served to make me even more curious about the other part of our brain that we don't use.

It has been said it is anywhere between using only 1% - 15% of our brain during our lives.

So what about the other 85%? Surely it can be argued that the little we use, can't fathom that which we don't. I believe that we as humans, still know so little about the wonder of our bodies.

It is my mission to continue growing my knowledge about my brain, about my body and ensuring that I continue to listen to the voice within. Even if, at times it has been a little off (VERY rarely I hasten to add), I believe that at those times other factors have come into play and my gut was merely cautioning me to being aware of something. AT those times, I call to mind my loved ones and pray for their safety, well being and clear minds to be aware of all that they see, hear and do.

Listening is such an imporatant tool in life. It is one we neglect to do first with ourselves though. To fully appreciate life, I believe we must acquire the good practice to listen to ourselves. Listen to what thoughts you are thinking and then and only then are we ready to listen to others. And I mean REALLY listen to others. With our own boundaries firmly set, we are in a good place to listen to others and ensure that our boundaries remain intact.

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