Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's a funny thing sunshine. When I think of the sun all kinds of thoughts pop into my head: warmth, life-giving, happiness, music, illumination, my upbringing in South Africa, tanning, laughter.

Having lived in the UK for over thirteen years now, I value the sun more than ever. (Especially after the VERY long winter we have experienced this year!!!) Maybe it's cos my life has changed so dramatically over the past year or three, but my need for vitamin D (the sun) has increased a bazillion-fold. I found the amazing fake sunshine in a bottle and it did wonders for me. I have shared this secret with many and it seems to have done the trick for all of them too. And no, I don't get a commission for plugging vitamin D tablets...but they work and should be a staple dietry requirement for everyone who lacks daily natural sunshine methinks...:-)

Recently, I did a course where I had to discover what I believe my life purpose is and the outcomes were extraordinary. One of which was, that I am truly a sun person. I love the warmth, the inspiration, the life-giving properties of it and am newly amazed at the awesomeness of our solar system and indeed Creator.

As I have pondered and navigated the challenges of the past few weeks, I have once again been pointed to the fact that the dis-ease I was feeling was partially due to the lack of sunshine in my life, both physically as well as spiritually.

I have been shown again, how to centre my thoughts and indeed myself to the positive attributes of the sun. I am blessed to have lots of sunshiney sirens and even sunshiney alpha males in my life. They each remind me daily of the importance of staying centred and that my focus must be upwards and not forwards.

For me to deal with life as I know it, I need to remain in a state of awe of the creation I have been gifted. So that is my endeavour from here on in (til I need reminding again that is...:-))

I am aware that the sun has destructive qualities too and that everything should be enjoyed in moderation...but I am convinced that staying upwards looking, I will avoid the pitfalls I seem to fall into from time to time.

My Siren statement:
I am the sunlight that lights up your eyes, who allows others to sing in their voice; to feel the sunlight and warmth radiating healing and warmth. By being in my presence, you are illuminated to be the very best you can be.

I guess it's more like a mission statement really. If I can shine some light and love into your life, I am happy to do it. Bringing a smile to your face is a fab here it is...:-)

Please pass it on...

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  1. wish more people be like this !!! love it too !!staying positive isn't so hard too